Our tableware selection is much broader than the term implies and embraces a large selection of lace products that enhance all kinds of furniture. The traditional Nottingham lace tablecloth which was made in the U.K. until the 1980s is no longer available as the machines making them in Nottingham and the Darvel valley in Ayrshire have now sadly been broken up.

Our tablecloths fit broadly into two categories. The first being cloths made entirely of embroidered lace which is lace patterns embroidered onto cotton tulle. This gives the cloth a more open delicate look which is belied by the strength of the cotton tulle. These cloths are shown at their best when covering a rich wooden surface as they allow the beauty of the wood to shine through.

Our alternative selection is that of an Irish linen centre, sometimes with a lace insert, and surrounded with a generous border of guipure lace including our Angel Wing lace which is probably one of the most beautiful and intricate laces being produced and is exclusively for Kitty Fisher.

Of course we make more than tablecloths. We have a series of napkins designed to enhance our tableware which make a wonderful gift especially if you are not sure of the size of the table.

Our table centre pieces are excellent for displaying a vase of flowers or a piece of pottery not only on a table but on a chest of drawers, a piano or window ledge or where your imagination takes you. The lace motivs we use make each design innovative and unique. The same can be said of our table runners which are made in many lengths and the Irish linen centres are surrounded by hard wearing guipure lace.

Our lace doilies, all of which incorporate the same exquisite guipure lace, are ideal to decorate smaller pieces of furniture and are small works of art in their own right.

We often design our table toppers using Victorian designs such as TC213 the lace of which was originally designed to be made into elaborate collars for boys’ sailor suits. Think of Gainsboroughs Blue Boy painting! Times have changed but this lace is so beautiful it makes a wonderful table topper. Most of the guipure lace we use was designed in the Victorian heyday of lace and we strive to keep alive this great tradition by offering unique products that will give years of pleasure.

All of our table ware can be machine washed at 40c, hand washed or dry cleaned which will bring it back to its original quality.

Quality lace items for dressing tables are making a welcome return and we are pleased to offer sets incorporating a large centre piece and two smaller matching pieces.

Our table ware, as is all our varied range, is made in Nottingham and often incorporates Irish linen and our guipure lace which is made by embroidering onto acetate and then dissolving the acetate in acetone leaving the lace. The thread is a mixture of cotton and viscose which adds a sheen to the finished lace.

As the availability of the lace is now in serious decline and the seamstresses with the skill and knowledge to turn it into beautiful products is now much diminished sadly we feel that in the foreseeable future these lace products will be consigned to history.

We are confident that you will enjoy your purchase and it will enhance your home and give you pleasure for years to come.